community events

During the course of every year Perth Montessori Parents & Friends host a number of fabulous and fun events designed to bring the community together forging the bonds of friendship between students, staff and parents.  Some of our great events do assist in fund raising but the primary focus is ensuring greater community participation for the welfare and benefit of all.

Term 1

Multicultural Lunch Day

Multicultural Food event (family)

Anzac Day Ceremony 

Term 2

Mother's day lunch 

Walk to School (and Hot Chocolate Morning) 

Movie Night

Student Open Night, Picnic and Mid Year Student Concert

Term 3

Students Disco (family) 

Art Exhibition (biennial event)

Performance Evening (biennial event)

Father's Day Lunch

Quiz Night (adult only biennial event)

Term 4

Canteen Bandanna Day

Perth Montessori Spring Fete (biennial event)

Grandparents Day Lunch

World Teacher Day 

Student Open Night, Picnic and End of Year Holiday Concert