Welcome to Perth Montessori School

Our role is to work in partnership with you to maximize your child's potential.

Perth Montessori School aims to provide a psychologically safe environment in which your child can develop Intellectually, Academically, Socially and Emotionally.

Children are very different from each other and those differences do not make them unusual - it simply makes them "normal"! Differences in the rate of development, rates of learning, social and emotional maturation and so on, are the norm - not the exception. These differences are seen by most schools as too difficult to cater for, too difficult to individualize and personalize and too difficult to allow these differences to mature and develop into strengths.

At Perth Montessori our multi-aged classrooms allow for children to move at a developmentally appropriate pace (fast or slow) over a 3-year time span. This is unlike the rush in traditional environments where the curriculum must be delivered within a one-year period, creating far greater academic pressures.

Perth Montessori School embraces Cognitive Diversity. We cater for all spectrums of those learning differences from those with Specific Needs to the most Gifted and Talented.

Comprehensive Neurodevelopmental Profiling of our students allows our teachers to target and differentiate individual student learning programs whilst monitoring milestones and mastery.

Our focus is on Professor Howard Gardner's "Five Minds For the Future":

  • The Disciplinary Mind
  • The Synthesizing Mind
  • The Creating Mind
  • The Respectful Mind
  • The Ethical Mind

Developing the habits that support these five pillars, commences in our Early Years Program and is applied and practiced throughout a student’s educational journey at Perth Montessori. These are the five critical elements of the behaviors demonstrated by intelligent people.

Together, we aim to develop independent, confident, ethical, mindful, life-long learners capable of following whatever pathway they may choose.

We encourage you to attend our Open Days and observe in our classrooms to see first hand what Perth Montessori has to offer your child and family.

Call to make an appointment and/or to meet with me and discuss your child's personal needs.

I look forward to you joining our school community.

Dr Gary Pears - Principal    

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